Pan-Amazon - Between Heaven and Earth

With the theme “Pan-Amazon – Between Heaven and Earth”, the 5th plenary session of the Amazon Concertationa took place in June, with the objective of promoting a dialogue on the challenges, opportunities and interactions existing in the Pan-Amazon. The session was attended by guests such as: Erick Rocha and Gabriela Cunha, Jean-Pierre Ometto, Rene Beuchle, Cândido Pastor, Alexandra Moreira López and José Javier Gomez.

The images that illustrate the site are scenes from “A Queda do céu”, from Aruac Filmes.

The images that illustrate the site are scenes from “A Queda do céu”, from Aruac Filmes.

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A Concertation for the Amazon

Network formed by people, institutions and companies with the purpose of seeking solutions for the conservation and sustainable development of the Amazon. We have gathered more than 200 engaged leaders and created a democratic space for the dozens of initiatives in defense of the Amazon to meet, dialogue, increase the impact of their actions and generate new proposals and projects for the forest and populations living in the region.

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Acknowledging Amazon

Systematized knowledge base about the region. The spiral format translates the dynamics and constant expansion of this base.

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Upcoming events
The Amazon Bioeconomy Investment Innovation Forum will promote the debate on ways to create new financing mechanisms for businesses linked to the Amazon bioeconomy
To discuss investment innovations in bioeconomy aiming at building a converging space, on the one hand, for information on enterprises, projects, programs; and, on the other hand, for investment sources.
June 14th to 25th
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Webinar: Manaus Free Trade Zone
Partnership between Amazon Concertation and Página 22. More information soon.
July 6th
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Amazon inspires creation of entrepreneurship school in Brazil
The main objective of the first forest business school is to contribute to the education and development of the territory.
3 min
Bioeconomy in tropical forests: Latin American experiences
Strengthening research and development networks in Amazonian countries is one of the ways to scale bioeconomy initiatives. Theme of interest for entrepreneurs in Amazonian businesses, their financiers and public policy formulators.
5 min